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What’s New in Women’s Clothing Trends?

Women Clothing TrendsThe latest women’s clothing trends are almost retro in their appearance. Yellow is a colour that often crops up as a spring choice, and this year is no exception, with sunny yellow, daffodil yellow and even canary gracing the catwalk to shake off the dark and moody winter trends.

Yellow contrasted with black and white is a bright and bold look that has a lot of appeals, and there are even some designers that are leaning towards yellow combined with black leather or PVC. If you prefer something a little more feminine, then try mixing yellow and green for a flower child look.

Shawls, long dresses, extra long belts and statement raincoats are becoming a “big thing”, and some of those looks are practical enough that they will make it off the catwalk and onto the high street.

Women’s clothing this year combines the practical with the aesthetic and offers a lot of options for those who want to revitalize their wardrobe. Since there are many statement pieces (scarves, clear raincoats, bulky and long belts) these can be combined with clothes from last season to keep you looking on trend. Many classic items such as Doc Martins, denim, and hipster blazers are firmly in as well, which gives people the chance to dig out the classics from their wardrobe and take them out for one last wearing.

If you’re looking for a statement piece, then red boots combined with red lipstick is something that will turn heads and that was a popular showing at the main fashion shows.

Whether you side with the retro revival or the modern chic, you’ll get a lot out of the latest fashions. You can build a boho, preppy or hippy look with ease, and still be on trend with the latest looks for this spring.